Ensure you are prepared to install Code Climate: Enterprise.

Prior to starting an installation of CC:E, you will need:

  • A supported target deployment environment

    Ensure you meet the hardware, software and network requirements needed to run Code Climate: Enterprise. We typically request that our customers fill out an installation survey prior to installation.

  • A CC:E License File (.rli)

    This will be provided by our team prior to installation. If you need a CC:E license, please contact us.

  • A DNS hostname where your instance of Code Climate can be reached by your organization

    Typically your hostname will look something like Your SSL certificate needs to be configured with this URL.

  • SSL certificate information

    Either provide a PEM encoded cert file and .key file or use the provided self-signed certificate.

  • Your SMTP server settings

    Including the type of authentication, server name, and credentials

  • A Code Climate client application on GitHub ( or GitHub Enterprise)

    Follow the steps outlined in GitHub: Creating a Code Climate GitHub Client Application. During installation, you will be prompted for your GitHub Enterprise URL (if using GitHub Enterprise) as well as the Client ID and Client Secret for the application you create.

What's Next

Continue installing Code Climate: Enterprise

Instance Management Installation
Application Installation


Ensure you are prepared to install Code Climate: Enterprise.

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