My repository isn't listed when I try to add it to Code Climate.

If your Code Climate user is linked to your GitHub user, you can use our streamlined method of adding GitHub-hosted repositories. This allows you to see a list of repositories that you administer in GitHub, and then click a single button to add one to Code Climate.

Personal vs Organization-owned Repos

At the moment, you can only add private repositories owned by GitHub organizations. Private repositories belonging to GitHub personal user accounts cannot be added to Code Climate.

We do plan to action some work around this in the future. Sorry for the limitation in the meantime.

Don't see your repository?

  1. OSS repositories are only listed when you use the Open Source section of your account.

  2. Private repositories are only listed when you add a repo to a private Code Climate organization.

  3. The repository must be owned or administered by your GitHub user.

  4. If you've recently made changes to GitHub permissions, click Sync Now from your Add a Repository page.

  5. If you don't see organization-owned repos, make sure that the organization has approved Code Climate as a third-party application.