Managing Invoices

Quality generates an invoice at the end of each billing period, which includes various billing information about your Code Climate subscription. You can view your past invoices as well as configure various invoice settings.

Note: You must be in an organization's Owners group to perform the actions described in this article.

Viewing Invoices

  1. From your Dashboard, next to your organization's name, click Organization.

  1. Select the Billing History tab.
  2. All past invoices will be displayed. Select an invoice to view it.

Note: One invoice is generated per billing period. Your billing period will differ based on if you have a monthly or annual subscription. Making changes to your organization (e.g., increasing or decreasing the number of seats) may also result in an invoice being generated.

  1. View your invoice. This page is printer-friendly (to paper or .pdf).


Configuring Invoice Settings

When a new invoice is generated, Code Climate will, by default, email it to the creator of the organization.

If you would like to add a second invoice recipient, to be CCed on all invoice emails, you can do so from your Organization Info tab:

You can also add custom information (e.g., your address) in the Invoice Notes field. This text will appear at the top of your invoice.