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Importing a Repository

If your repository is hosted on GitHub, it can be analyzed by Code Climate. This article will explain how to add a private repository to Code Climate and begin improving your code quality.

If you're trying to add an open source GitHub repository, check out our Adding an Open Source GitHub Repository doc.

You must be in an organization's Owners group to perform the actions described in this article.

How to add a private GitHub repository

When your Code Climate user is linked to your GitHub user, adding your private GitHub repository takes only a few clicks.

  1. From your Dashboard, within the organization you want to add the repository to, click Add a Repository.
  2. Next to the repository you want to add, click Add Repo.
  • Don't see your repository? The repository must be associated with your GitHub user account or your GitHub organization account(s).

  • If you've recently made changes in GitHub that should result in a new repository appearing in Code Climate, click Sync Now from your Add a Repository page.

  • Open Source repositories will not appear on your repository list when trying to add to a private organization on Code Climate. Open Source repositories can only be added to the Open Source section of your account.

  1. You're done! You'll see a "processing" indicator until our analysis is finished (which is usually within 5-15 minutes).

Related Issues

If you're having trouble adding a repo or don't see your repo listed, please contact support.

Importing a Repository