Troubleshooting Plugin Timeouts

Plugin (or "engine") timeouts are generally caused by an abnormally large number of files under analysis, or from attempting to analyze a file not typically intended for static analysis.

Below are the steps we recommend taking to troubleshoot engine timeouts.

Exclude Files and Directories

When encountering an engine timeout, we recommend that you start by looking at directories and files you can exclude from your analysis. Files can be excluded via in-app config, or in your committed .codeclimate.yml. Excluding directories from your analysis will cut down on the amount of time individual engines spend analyzing your repository.

In general, we recommend excluding:

  • Third party libraries
  • Production assets, such as minimized or cross-compiled files
  • Vendor files
  • Automated test suites

Here are just a few examples of directories and file types that we recommend excluding from your analysis:

    enabled: true
    enabled: true
    enabled: true

# examples of auto-generated exclusions
- db/*
- spec/*
- tests/*
- vendor/*

# examples of third party libraries that should be excluded
- */jquery/*
- */bootstrap/*

# examples of minified files that should be excluded
- **.min.js
- **.min.css


For more information on how to exclude files and directories from our analysis, see our documentation on file and path exclusions.


If you've already committed a .codeclimate.yml which specifies file exclusions, and you are still experiencing an engine timeout, please contact our support team.

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