As of 1/23/18, coffee-react-transform 4.0.0 plugin is no longer compatible with our version of CoffeeLint. Please update your dependency to coffee-react-transform 5.0.0, or remove the plugin. Additionally, coffee-react-transform is now deprecated.

Language / Framework: CoffeeScript
Checks: 38
Categories: Style
CoffeeLint Version: 2.0.7

CoffeeLint provides style checking for CoffeeScript to keep your code clean and consistent. It can enforce common idioms, and can be tuned to fit your preferred coding style.

Enable the Plugin

To enable CoffeeLint analysis, add the following to your .codeclimate.yml configuration file:

    enabled: true

More information about the CLI is available in the README here:

Configure the Plugin

To override any of CoffeeLint's default options, generate a configuration file and tweak it as needed, and specify that file in your .codeclimate.yml file as shown below:

    enabled: true
    config: coffeelint.json

Understand the Plugin

The CoffeeLint Overview provides excellent documentation of the functionality of CoffeeLint.