Quality Customer Support Handbook

Welcome to Code Climate support. This handbook is your guide to getting help using Quality.

Code Climate’s Global Support Team is available during normal business hours to assist you with your support needs.

Code Climate’s Support's mission is to help you reach your goals. From answering questions that arise while using Quality, to troubleshooting, our support team will help you maximize your experience.

NOTE: Nothing in this document supersedes your current contract with Code Climate.

  • What are the various levels of support Code Climate offers?
    Code Climate provides a Standard Support offering to all customers, as described below.
  • How do I contact support?
    Code Climate offers support services via web form. You will immediately receive an email letting you know your request has reached our systems and assigning you a case number.. You will hear back from Code Climate Support as soon as they have reviewed your case. In most cases, if you contact us during business hours, you will hear back from someone in 2 hours or less.
  • What times of day is support available?
    Code Climate support is available Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm EST.
  • How can I get after hours and weekend support?
    Code Climate does not currently offer after hours or weekend support.
  • How can I escalate my case?
    To escalate a case, as a customer just mention you would like the case escalated in an email or phone call with either support or your CSM. When this occurs the support manager is added to the case as well as all other required parties.
  • What are my maintenance windows?
    Code Climate does not define regular maintenance windows, but reserves the ability to communicate a maintenance window with sufficient notice.