Language: Markdown
Checks: 41
Categories: Style
Version: 0.5.0

markdownlint is a tool designed to check markdown files and flag style issues.

Enable the Plugin

To enable MarkdownLint analysis, add the following to your .codeclimate.yml configuration file:

    enabled: true

More information about the CLI is available in the README here:

Configure the Plugin

There is no configuration available for this engine in your .codeclimate.yml.

  • However, you can use markdownlint's native .mdlrc file to specify which rules the markdownlint engine processes.

Understand the Plugin

For more information about all the checks available and their configuration options, please check out the documentation here:

Known Issues

  • Trailing Spaces check: Atom users (here)

  • markdownlint ships with a default severity level of info. This means that any new issues surfaced by markdownlint will not result in a failed PR. To learn more about issue severity (and how to configure it), check out our doc here.