Removing a Repository

At any time, you can remove a repository from Code Climate. Before doing so, keep the following in mind:

  • Open Source: If the repository was added to Code Climate by clicking Add Open Source Repo, removing a repo will remove it for all Code Climate users.

  • Teammates: All members of your organization will lose access to the repository, not just you.

  • No Undo: Removing a repository is permanent. All of the Code Climate metadata associated with your repository (e.g., quality and security analysis) will be permanently erased. A removed repository can be added back to Code Climate at any time, but it will treated as a brand new repository.

  • No Effect on Source: Removing a repository has no effect on the repository outside of Code Climate.

How To

You must be in an organization's Owners group to perform the actions described in this article.

  1. From your Dashboard, choose the repository and choose the Settings tab from the repo's main navigation list.
  1. Click Remove Repo.
  1. At the pop-up confirmation, confirm your decision and wave goodbye.