A static code analysis tool for the Elixir language with a focus on code consistency and teaching.


Language / Framework: Elixir
Categories: Style, Complexity, Duplication, Clarity, Bug Risk
Credo Version: latest

The Code Climate Credo engine can show you refactoring opportunities in your code, complex and duplicated code fragments, warn you about common mistakes, show inconsistencies in your naming scheme and help you enforce a desired coding style.

Enable the Plugin

    enabled: true
    strict: true
    all: true
    only: "warning"
    ignore: "readability"
     - "some_path/"
     - "some_other_path/"
     - "some_path/"
     - "some_other_path/"
  • strict - if you want to enforce a style guide and need a more traditional linting experience
  • all - if you want to use all checkers
  • only - run only a subset of checks
  • ignore - ignore selected checks
  • included - include any paths you wish to analyze
  • excluded - exclude any paths you don't want to analyze

More information about the CLI is available in the README here:

Configure the Plugin

Credo supports configuration via a .credo.exs as mentioned in Credo's documentation. Edit your .credo.exs to select rules and tune thresholds that best meet the requirements of your team.

Understand the Plugin

For more information about all the checks available and their configuration options, please check out the documentation here: