I'm seeing a 422 Permission error!


This error most often occurs when clicking over to Quality from a GitHub pull request status update, or when trying to access a direct Quality link from an email or other outside sources.

But I should have access to that! Why am I seeing this error?

Below is a list of some of the most common reasons that can cause this error to occur and how to fix it:

  • More than one Quality user: If you unknowingly have two Quality users, this can cause some confusion. In most cases where this is the issue, you're likely logged into a user that hasn't been added to the organization that owns the repository you're trying to access. In general, we recommend only maintaining one Quality. The best course of action is to delete one of the users, and (if necessary) change the user that your GitHub user is linked to. To see which user you are logged in as, browse to the upper right hand corner of your Quality Dashboard, and click on your avatar.

  • Repository Permissions by Team: Organization-level permissions in Quality are entirely separate from those in GitHub, or any other system. Whether or not a user can view a repository in our system is based entirely on which Code Climate team(s) they belong to. We recommend checking to see what Team you belong to in Quality, and check with an organization admin to see if this repository has been added to your Team for access. If the repository needs to be added to your team, please see our step by step instructions.

  • Repository Exists in Multiple Organizations: If the same repository is added to two different Organizations (perhaps a trial organization was set up twice by two different team members), your Code Climate user might not have access to the repo in the other existing Organization. If this is the case you are running into, we recommend deleting one of the trial organizations and inviting all of your team members to the remaining Code Climate organization.

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