Browser Extension

Code Climate provides a browser extension to integrate the static analysis results we generate, as well as your test coverage data, directly into the GitHub user interface. With the Code Climate browser extension you can take advantage of our source code intelligence without ever leaving the website. It's like Turbo Mode for GitHub!





In order to use the Code Climate browser extension today, you must:

  • Use the latest stable version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  • Host your repository on

Google Chrome

The Code Climate browser extension is listed in the Google Chrome Web Store here. Open the web store page, then use Chrome's normal extension install system as follows.


Chrome Web Store


Add Code Climate


The Firefox extension is self-hosted (but signed by Mozilla). You can download it here. Install it from the Add-Ons section of your settings. Alternatively, you can install it from our site.


The Safari extension is hosted on the Apple App Store. You can download and install it here

Getting Started

The browser extension will piggyback off your Code Climate user session, therefore all you need to do is login to Code Climate to begin using it for your private repositories. (Open Source repositories on GitHub that have been added to Code Climate will work regardless of if you are authenticated.)


Then, just browse to your repositories on GitHub and enjoy.


As you browse, you'll notice we enhance a variety of GitHub pages. Below are some examples.


Test Coverage

If you set up test coverage, we will also highlight lines of code that are not covered by tests while you browse.


Issues and test coverage when browsing files and Pull Requests


Issues in blame view

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