User with email address already exists


This error message is shown if both of the following conditions are true:

  • You attempt to log in by clicking Log in with GitHub.

  • The primary email address assigned to your GitHub user matches that of a Code Climate user that already exists in our system. This can occur if you created a Code Climate user in the past using this email address.

To resolve this, please see our step by step instructions below.

How to fix this

  1. Browse to our login page.

  2. Do not click Log in with GitHub. Instead, manually type in the following:

  • The primary email address tied to your GitHub user. This email address can be found within your user settings menu in GitHub.
  • Your Code Climate password. If you're not sure what this password is, click Forgot password? on our login form, and then complete the recovery process (when promoted for an email address, ensure you enter the primary email address tied to your GitHub user).
  1. Once logged in, you will probably want to link your Code Climate user to your GitHub user. Doing so will allow you to log into Code Climate in the future using your GitHub credentials.