What happens when I change the default branch for a repository?

Your default branch, specified when setting up a repository for the first time, can later be changed under your repository settings.

While we offer, for convenience, the ability to edit your default branch, this change can result in a confusing user experience. Please note that:

  • Your maintainability and test coverage ratings will shift to reflect ratings for your new branch
  • Any open pull requests that have been analyzed by Quality in the past will stop updating if they are not against your new default branch
  • If there are items in your feed, they will reflect outdated information about your old branch until new information pushes them off
  • Your weekly summary going forward will be about your new branch, but it often takes a couple weeks before there's enough data to send one.

As an alternative, you can also add the repository a second time pointing to a different branch (either removing or leaving the existing repository).


The ability to add a repository twice in order to analyze different branches is not available for OSS repositories.