Test Coverage - Branch Names

Successfully generating test coverage for your branches, but not seeing the results populated in GitHub via the browser extension or PR statuses?

Code Climate Needs:


How to:

Here's the basic troubleshooting checklist, with additional details below:

  1. Get debug output from your CI build using the --debug option
  2. View the output
  3. Check your CI's env var names
  4. Adjust your coverage setup

Get debug output

The cc-test-reporter command has an option to output additional debug messages during operation.

For single builds, use:

  • after-build --debug.

For tests run in parallel, use:

  • format-coverage --debug and upload-coverage --debug.

View CI output

Once you've added the --debug option, you'll find the branch name identified in your build log, like this:

Check your CI's environmental variable names

When looking at a payload, Code Climate looks for a specific set of environmental variable names.

Double-check to make sure your CI's GIT_COMMIT_SHA and GIT_BRANCH variable names can be matched against the ones listed at the bottom of this file:

Adjust coverage setup as needed

Working with a Docker container?

  • Make sure to pass the environment variables through.

You could pass the env variable to the docker container doing something like this:

 docker run \
      --env CI \
      --env CIRCLECI \
      --env CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM \
      --env CIRCLE_BRANCH \
      --env CIRCLE_SHA1 \
    your-org/app bundle exec rspec

Test Coverage - Branch Names