My organization isn't listed when I try to add it to Code Climate.

When creating a new Code Climate organization, you'll click on the Create a new organization button on your dashboard.


On the next page, we'll populate a list of GitHub organizations you can add to Code Climate. This list will include any organizations of which you're an Owner in GitHub.


If your organization is not listed, please take the following steps to ensure you have proper permissions to the org in GitHub.

  1. Confirm that you're an Owner of the org in GitHub, not a Member. You can view these permissions at the following link:

  2. Confirm that you're not running into GitHub's third-party app restrictions. These are enabled by default for all new GitHub orgs. It may be necessary to explicitly whitelist Code Climate as a third-party application, which you can do by following the steps outlined here.

  3. Confirm that you're attempting to add a GitHub organization, and not a GitHub personal user account. Currently, Code Climate cannot add repos from personal user accounts. If you're unsure which type of account you have, head here for more info.

  4. If you've recently made changes to your GitHub permissions, click Sync Now (shown below) on this Code Climate page.