Semaphore CI Test Coverage



For more example scripts, head to the test reporter repo on GitHub.

  1. Add CC_TEST_REPORTER_ID to the Environment Variables (Project Settings -> Environment Variables)


Note: It’s not necessary to check Encrypt content

  1. Update Build Settings
    see text to copy below screenshots
  1. Update After job Settings

Commands from this comment and this comment

# setup 1
curl -L > ./cc-test-reporter

# setup 2 
chmod +x ./cc-test-reporter

# setup 4
./cc-test-reporter before-build

# After job
exitcode=$(if [ "$SEMAPHORE_THREAD_RESULT" == "passed" ]; then echo 0; else echo 1; fi)
./cc-test-reporter after-build --exit-code $exitcode


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Semaphore CI Test Coverage

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