Installing Code Climate's Webhook for GitHub Repositories

When adding a private GitHub repository to Code Climate via our streamlined method, we'll automatically install our webhook for you. This hook is what notifies Code Climate to automatically run a new analysis whenever you perform various operations in GitHub, such as pushing a new commit to your default branch or open a pull request.

If you've added an open source GitHub repository to Code Climate, we highly recommend that you install our webhook to avoid having to [manually refresh](doc: my-feed#sha-and-refresh-button) our analysis after every commit.


Although we don't currently install our webhook for open source projects -- hold tight, we plan to fix this soon!

How To

  1. In GitHub, go to your repo's **Settings** and then click **Webhooks & Services**.
  2. Add a webhook to send an event to Code Climate each time you open a pull request or push a commit to your default branch. The webhook URL will be ``.
  3. When selecting the scopes for "**Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?**" make sure to select *Send me **everything***.
  1. You're good to go! Code Climate will begin automatically analyzing your pull requests and new commits pushed to your default branch.