Engine QA Process and Spreadsheet

If you've joined the Code Climate developer program, read the Engine Lifecycle documentation, and are ready to build your own engine, or if you're just curious what the process looks like - you're in the right place!

All of the steps for QAing an engine are contained in the READ ONLY spreadsheet that is embedded and linked below. Make your own copy to use for QA’ing your engine.

The document is divided into the following areas (the first column in the spreadsheet):

  • engine.json - items pertaining to the engine specification file (engine.json)
  • Dockerfile - items pertaining to the Dockerfile
  • Docker Image - items pertaining to the image built as a result of the Dockerfile
  • CLI Behavior - items pertaining to the performance and behavior of built engines once they are integrated into the Code Climate CLI
  • Engine Output - items specific to the formatting and contents of the engine output when issues are found
  • .com Behavior - items pertaining to the performance and appearance of an engine once the engine has been released on codeclimate.com

As outlined in the Engine Lifecycle documentation, your engine will need to pass the items in all of the categories besides .com Behavior to move from In Development to Beta. Once your engine is deployed in Beta to codeclimate.com, you'll be able to complete the .com Behavior section.

You can find the Engine Spreadsheet QA Process here .