Code Climate: Enterprise FAQ

Commonly asked questions about Code Climate: Enterprise.

What is Code Climate: Enterprise?

Code Climate: Enterprise is Code Climate's on-premise version of Code Climate. Code Climate: Enterprise can be run behind your firewall on your own infrastructure.

How does Code Climate: Enterprise compare to

Code Climate Enterprise includes the same features as, with a few additional benefits, including:

  • isolation of data and processes within your own infrastructure
  • integration with Github: Enterprise
  • full backup and upgrade control

Code Climate: Enterprise ships roughly monthly to bring its feature set in line with

For more information and detail, please contact us.

What is required to run Code Climate: Enterprise?

The short version

If you can run Github: Enterprise, you can run Code Climate: Enterprise

The detailed version

Please see our installation documentation which includes hardware, software and networking requirements.

How much does Code Climate: Enterprise cost?

For pricing information please start by filling this form out, and one of our team members will be in touch shortly.