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Brakeman Pro

Brakeman Pro is a static analysis tool which checks Ruby on Rails applications for security vulnerabilities.

Language/Framework: Ruby/Rails

Checks: 70

Categories: Security

Brakeman Pro Version: 3.7.2

Enable the Engine

To enable Brakeman Pro analysis, add the following to your .codeclimate.yml configuration file:

    enabled: true

It is also necessary to include a Brakeman Pro license file in the top directory of the project.

Read here for more information about obtaining a Brakeman Pro license.

Instead of editing the configuration file, you can also enable the engine via the CLI with codeclimate engines:enable brakeman-pro. This will create a default configuration file for you if you don't already have one.

More information about the CLI is available in the README here:

Configure the Engine

The Brakeman Pro engine supports Brakeman configuration files (and ignore files) as described in the Brakeman documentation.

It is also possible to rename the license file or specify a custom location for the license file instead of keeping it in the top directory.

For example:

    enabled: true
      license_file: config/.bmp.license

Understand the Engine

To learn more about the Brakeman Pro engine, please visit the official site.

Brakeman Pro