New Test Reporter Public Beta

Our new test reporter, with support for parallelized CI builds, is now in public beta! View its documentation here.

Soon to be deprecated!

These configuration instructions refer to a language-specific test reporter that will soon be deprecated in favor of our new unified test reporter client. The new test reporter supports many more languages as well as parallel build support.

  1. Generate coverage data in Lcov format

Lcov data can be generated by a number of JavaScript code coverage tools, including istanbul.

  1. Install codeclimate-test-reporter's NPM package
npm install -g codeclimate-test-reporter
  1. Specifying your repo token as an environment variable, send lcov coverage data to the codeclimate-test-reporter npm script

For example, if your coverage data resides in a "" file:

CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN=<token> codeclimate-test-reporter <

You can find your Code Climate repo token by following these steps. Note that this is not your personal access token.

Note: This token is specific to this repo on Code Climate and grants any user the ability to submit test coverage reports on your behalf. We recommend defining this token as an environment variable within your CI's user interface or configuration file.