Branches & Comparisons

The Code page lists all of your git branches. Clicking on View All loads a list of individual branches. Clicking on an individual branch will display how the branch compares to your default branch. Using this data, you can see how merging a branch may affect your overall code quality.


For GitHub-hosted repositories, these pages are designed to be used with our pull request integration.

Browsing Branch Comparisons

Once you click View All you will see a list of all your repository branches.



If you don't see a branch, click our "refresh" button and then refresh the Code page.

Selecting a branch will show you a detailed analysis of how it compares to your default branch.


What triggers a branch analysis?

For GitHub repositories, if you've enabled our pull request integration, opening and pushing new commits to a pull request will automatically trigger a branch analysis.

For all other situations, you can manually trigger a branch comparison at any time by viewing the branch's page in Code Climate, and clicking the "refresh" icon in the top-right corner of the page. When you do so, you'll initially see a "loading" message. In most cases, you can wait a few minutes, and then refresh the page for a complete branch analysis.



Branch Refresh

When refreshing a branch, a new analysis will only occur if a new commit is present.

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